‘I’m so happy with my life, but I want to keep hustling.’

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When her life changed suddenly, Jasmin decided to take control of the person she wanted to be. After experiencing bullying in her early 20’s, when her friends were taking different paths, Jasmin took her childhood love for pro wrestling and made it into a living.

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‘I started watching wrestling when I was about five years old,’ she reflects. ‘All my guy cousins used to watch WCW [World Championship Wrestling]. One day I went over to their place, and it was Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Goldberg on the TV.’ From here, Jasmin sought out wrestling whenever she could. Her mum and dad would recount the glory days of Australian wrestling, where Mario Milano and other stars would frequent Channel Nine broadcasts via Festival Hall. ‘Eventually I started watching WWF [Now, WWE] in about 2001. I’d wake up at 6am every Saturday morning just so I could watch it on TV, because I wasn’t allowed to stay up late to watch it live on Tuesdays,’ she laughs.

‘I’d always get in trouble for trying to powerbomb my brother onto the mattress. That was the greatest part about being a kid.’

Jasmin recalls a match that influenced her: ‘I’ll never forget watching this match and just thinking, “I need to wrestle”. It was Trish Stratus and Lita vs Chris Jericho and Christian in a battle of the sexes match at WWE Armageddon 2003. Trish was my idol. She was so tough, slapping Chris Jericho around. I wanted to be like her.’

‘I started training just a little over two years ago [in mid-2016], and I was about 22. So, I’m still very new,’ Jasmin reflects, ‘I just told myself that I was going to do what I’d wanted to do for a long time. I have no regrets because I want to look back at my life and know I gave it one hundred percent.’

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Early on in her wrestling reawakening, Jasmin met Keegan Brettle, fellow wrestler and now fiancée. ‘I’d started sussing out local shows and going to local promotions. IWA [International Wrestling Australia] were doing a show that he was on, and we started chatting after the show. He was super flirty; I was like “This guy! I’m not going to fall for his tricks!”’ Three years later, Jasmin hasn’t looked back. ‘He’s my best friend. We both have the same goals and he does nothing but lift me up. I love having him in my life.’

From the Australian Pro Wrestling Gym in Penrith, NSW, to some of the most renowned independent promotions in the United States, Jasmin has seen much of the wrestling world, only in her rookie years. ‘There’s good trainers everywhere,’ she stresses. ‘My trainer [who goes by the name Jay Law] has invested so much in me. He trained Keegan too. He’s given so much time and effort into training us, he deserves recognition for all of his work.’ Jasmin wants young wrestlers to know that they are in charge of their own destinies, and by putting in the hard yards, they can make it to where they want to be.

‘In school, everyone thought I was weird, and they would try to tell me that wrestling was fake. I hated getting picked on about that, because wrestling made me so happy.’

jasmin ovwJasmin and Keegan set their sights on travelling for training. They’ve been fortunate enough to work on Philadelphia’s Combat Zone Wrestling, Memphis’ Independent Wrestling Association Midsouth, and Louisville’s Ohio Valley Wrestling. ‘When Keegan and I were in America, we messaged so many promoters and spoke to so many people. We didn’t get on shows because we knew people, we got on because we sent through footage and we really tried our best to get noticed.’ The couple have since returned to North America to train with former WWE star Lance Storm in Calgary, Canada.

Jasmin has been humbled by the warm reception from our wrestling friends in Canada and the States. With goals to one day make it to the WWE, she wants to keep refining her craft around the world.

‘Travel has been the best decision I ever made. I want to wrestle everywhere I haven’t been before.’

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Working together has allowed the team “#YourFavoriteCouple” of Jasmin and Keegan to come into their own. They’ve been tag team partners and alternating managers for one another, flexing their evil power couple prowess. Jasmin says, ‘I love having him in my corner, especially as heels. He helps me win dodgy all the time, whether it’s me distracting the referee or he gets involved in my matches, we have a lot of fun.’ From their matching gear, finishers and synchronised poses, to their arrogant in-your-face antics, the two are so charismatic that fans can’t help but love them.

Jasmin has experimented with all kinds of characters, including a failed belly dancer gimmick, before feeling at home as “Immaculate Jasmin”. With her Italian and Lebanese background, she incorporates an aspect of her identity to separate herself from the crowd. ‘I’m not sure if there are any other Lebanese girl wrestlers in Australia, so I’ve been trying to work with that. I find that my look and my heel persona really work for me.’

Competition can bring out the worst in people, but Jasmin’s days of letting jealousy get in the way of her goals are long gone. ‘I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where I don’t really care what people think or want to say about me. Right now, I have someone in my life who has supported me through it all. Why should I worry about negativity? Jealousy is about someone not being happy with themselves and what they have. I want to be better than that.’

Jasmin reflects on camaraderie and her future in an industry that she has worked to call home: ‘We’re all different people with different goals. The only way we can achieve what we want is by working together, helping each other at training and putting on a great match. I’ve made some awesome friends who have supported me from day one, and we’ve tried our best to lift each other up.’

‘I’m more driven than I’ve ever been. There’s nothing that’s going to stop me from being the absolute best I can be.’


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Jasmin’s Wrestling Idols

‘Trish is my favourite, ever. I will also say Eve Torres. She was my inspiration for my first ever gear and my finisher.’

‘Azalea is someone I’ve been lucky enough to wrestle a few times, and she’s so great in the ring. She’s like a technical master. I think Nikki Van Blair is a superstar and I want a match with him! Someone book Jasmin vs Nikki Van Blair.’

‘I would love to have a match with Shazza McKenzie. She’s so kind. I had a match with Kellyanne early on, and I’d love to do that again, because I’ve improved so much, when I wasn’t so great in our match.’

‘A dream match would be with Santana Garrett. Hopefully when I go back to the States, I can make that happen.’


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