We are more than a bronco buster. We are going toe-to-toe with our male counterparts. We are breaking down the binary. We are smashing the stigma. We are lifting each other up. We are fighting for what’s right.

Bronco Busters is a place that celebrates the women and LGBTIQA+ people of wrestling. From the ring, to behind the scenes, to the front-row seats, we profile and feature female-identifying and queer members of the Australian and New Zealand wrestling community. 

So, grab your popcorn and peel back the curtain on some of the folk who inspire us.

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About Me

📸: Monique Myintoo (Collarts)

Hiya! I’m Erin, bi cis woman, and a total fk’n mark.

Pro Wrestling was my first love. A 2005 episode of WWE RAW sent me into a fanatical 5-year spiral of pre-teen obsession, before high school hormones forced me into a long hiatus. I graduated in 2015; bored and in limbo, my curiosity led me back to my TV, and I never looked back. Since then, I’ve morphed into a pro wrestling sponge, flexing my ring IQ for a number of publications, including VultureHound and Steelchair Magazine UKWhatCulture.com, RMIT Catalyst and Junkee Media. From exploring the wrestling of the world through a screen, to chanting along at live shows, being surrounded by inspiring people, a passionate community and incredible art, I found myself falling in love once again.

I’m a Melbourne-based writer, broadcaster and digital content creative. I’m a graduate from Collarts’ Entertainment Journalism course, and I’m currently hacking away at a Bachelor of Communication (Media) at RMIT University. I’ve been volunteering with SYN Media since 2016, and have since contributed to a broad range of audio, written feature and social media content. I’m also a podcast producer at Melbourne’s Triple R 102.7FM, for ‘Greening the Apocalypse’. I love a good podcast, so hmu with your recommendations.

You can catch me cracking open a cold one @ your local wrasslin’ show, or crying about esoteric memes somewhere. OR, give me a cheeky follow @eztweener on Twitter.

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